May Schedule

6:30-9:30Audition Monologues
6:30-9:30Group Scene Bonanza
6:30-9:30Viva Mexico

I prepare scenes and assign partners in advance so you
MUST let me know you are coming and DON’T cancel without 24-hour notice.

Marco Perella: 512-501-3301

Workshop Themes

Audition Monologues
Yes, you need to have them. Agents, casting directors, and filmmakers want to see you work but sometimes don’t have their own scripts set yet. You need to be ready and have something you can shine in. Bring your own or do one I pick for you. Short…1-2 minute pieces. Funny and dramatic.

Group Scene Bonanza
…with MOVEMENT. I’m talking fight scenes, blocking, stand up, sit down, walk around in a circle and then do it again until you can hit all the marks. All this while you are performing a science fiction scene or something from Lord of the Rings. It’s not easy, but this training will make you look like a pro when you get on set.

Viva’ Mexico
We will honor the revolutionary hero of our neighbor to the south, Benito Juarez, with movie scenes that have a Mexican flavor. Westerns, Love stories, Dramas…there’s a lot of good material to choose from. If you speak Spanish you might do them in two languages!

…this is a hard one. It requires going into your guts and being brave enough to let yourself feel moved, upset, hurting, joyful or sad. I have been taught some things that work and I’ll pass them on to you with some of the best scenes in movie history.

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