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Online Solo Workshop Themes

How To Audition

Conversation: The Art of Non-Acting
One of my most popular classes because you learn Basic Film Acting Lesson Number 1: how to be real, lifelike, and how to ‘throw it away’. Learn how to use a real conversation to ‘bleed’ into a scripted one so you can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s scripted. When you, the actor, have this breakthrough realization, you’re ready for Prime Time.

Every movie has conflict. The audience wants to see you fight through obstacles to achieve your objective. Without that we’d have no drama! That’s the fun of film…the audience gets to watch the fight without getting any on them! Learn how to FIGHT and WIN your objective.

Love Scenes
You don’t think love scenes are powerful? Just watch an audience shut up and pay attention when Ingrid Bergman and Bogie do their thing in Casablanca. Along with Birth and Death…the quest for love is kind of a big deal in human life. Honor it! An actor’s job is to open your heart and let the audience live that Love through you.

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” That’s the famous actor’s aphorism. You not only have to know the lines, you have to time them perfectly and say them just the right way so they’re funny and do it all really fast so the audience can barely keep up with you. In a good comedy scene you are taking the audience on a carnival ride. Better learn how…

…this is a hard one. It requires going into your guts and being brave enough to let yourself feel moved, upset, hurting, joyful or sad. I have been taught some things that work and I’ll pass them on to you with some of the best scenes in movie history.

Yes, you need to have them. Agents, casting directors, and filmmakers want to see you work but sometimes don’t have their own scripts set yet. You need to be ready and have something you can shine in. Bring your own or do one I pick for you. Short…1-2 minute pieces. Funny and dramatic.

How to Audition
How do you keep from getting nervous at an audition? Well for one thing, you learn how not to worry about what you can’t control and enjoy what you can! I’ve done about 3,000 auditions in my career and I can help you. It starts with an attitude adjustment and takes off from there.