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Angel in a Devil’s WorldThe Art of Non-ActingAudition MonologuesBlocking & Props
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Sci-fi & FantasySuspense Thrillers

Angel In a Devil’s World

Ever since Snidely Whiplash tied Little Nell to the tracks this formula has been the spine of countless movies. There’s Villains and Victims and Dudley Do-Right’s to come save them. The twist is that nowadays…FINALLY!… all these stereotypical roles can be done by men and women interchangeably. Big fun for everybody, but the actor has to learn how to play all of them!

The Art of Non-Acting

One of my most popular classes because you learn Basic Film Acting Lesson Number 1: how to be real, lifelike, and how to ‘throw it away’. Learn how to use a real conversation to ‘bleed’ into a scripted one so you can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s scripted. When you, the actor, have this breakthrough realization, you’re ready for Prime Time.

Audition Monologues

Yes, you need to have them. Agents, casting directors, and filmmakers want to see you work but sometimes don’t have their own scripts set yet. You need to be ready and have something you can shine in. Bring your own or do one I pick for you. Short…1-2 minute pieces. Funny and dramatic.


A basic element of most plots in TV and movie scripts is romance. Passionate stories of tragic true love are one type of romance, but in this workshop we’re dealing with posing, flirting, lying, mistaken, awkward, hopelessly screwed up, and ridiculously impossible infatuation where everything that can go wrong does in the most comic way possible.

Comedy Blocking & Props

Let’s move it and shake it a little bit and try to be funny while we’re doing it.


Master a basic requirement of all actors: Play to WinKill or be KilledEat or Be EatenFight for your Right to Party! It’s a tough world and the character you play has to deal with it. Learn how to focus your energy and confidence to overcome obstacles and win your objective.


…we live in a world of competition. As an actor you have to be able to fight for your life. It’s eat or be eaten so learn how to mix it up and enjoy it. With scenes from some of our greatest movies.

Group Scene Bonanza

…with MOVEMENT. I’m talking fight scenes, blocking, stand up, sit down, walk around in a circle and then do it again until you can hit all the marks. All this while you are performing a science fiction scene or something from Lord of the Rings. It’s not easy, but this training will make you look like a pro when you get on set.

Sci-fi & Fantasy

…psychics, fortune tellers, mystical experience, crazy creatures, tales from the Outer Limits…a great opportunity to really open up on character work.

Suspense Thrillers

The “psycho villain” role requires inner intensity mixed with an ability to project menace and hide the true objective at the same time. The “victim” role has to be played with innocence so the audience knows the danger but the victim doesn’t. These are tricky scenes that need character development and subtle twists to succeed.


…this is a hard one. It requires going into your guts and being brave enough to let yourself feel moved, upset, hurting, joyful or sad. I have been taught some things that work and I’ll pass them on to you with some of the best scenes in movie history.