Marco Perella’s Film Actor Workshops
(July 2024)

Mondays (In-Person):

6:45pm – 8:45pm

See Location


Sign up for one workshop at a time or a series. Each workshop is $40 or 3 workshops (taken within the calendar month) for $100.

Tuesdays (Online):

6:30pm – 7:30pm


Each online workshop is $20.

See sign up directions below.

Date Time Workshop Themes *  see below for details
Mon, July 8 Start: 6:45pm
Mon: 2hr
Mon, July 15 Start: 6:45pm
Mon: 2hr
Mon, July 22 Start: 6:45pm
Mon: 2hr

Sign Up Process:

In-Person and Online:

1. Fill out form below and submit.
2. I will confirm your spot and email you a link to where you can pay via Paypal. (You can pay for future classes if you wish and I can hold your spot.)
3. I will prepare your scenes/partners.

Online Details:

  • I email you your scenes, typically over the weekend, so you can learn your scenes ahead of time.
  • You don’t need Skype… just a working camera and microphone for your computer.
  • I will email you a link at about 6:20 on Tuesday evening. Just click on it and you will join the workshop.
  • Just like in-person classes, we will take turns performing the scenes and get feedback and redos if necessary… usually two or more people onscreen at a time with the rest of the class waiting “on deck” watching

Request an Online Solo Session

Current Workshop Themes

CHARACTERS IN CONFLICT…work on the most important kind of scene in dramatic and action movies

ROMANTIC COMEDY…this category requires precision, facility with language, body English and the ability to ad lib

FROM THE HEART…learn how to commit your character to emotional truth and vulnerability