Marco Perella’s Online Film Actor Workshops
(July 2020)

Live Online 1 Hour Scene Workshops! $20

Mondays July 6, 13, 20, 27

Date Time Workshop Themes
Monday, July 6 6:20-7:30 pm Lawyers, Guns, and Money
Monday, July 13 6:20-7:30 pm Face Off
Monday, July 20 6:20-7:30 pm Extreme Characters
Monday, July 27 6:20-7:30 pm Attack of the Space Monkeys

While we can’t get together in a group workshop right now, I am offering Live Online Workshops for 8 actors per session via Skype. Here’s how it works…

  1. Text me at 512-507-3301 or sign up with the form below. Just as long as you let me know you are joining us online so I can have your scene and scene partners ready.
  2. After signing up, I will confirm your slot and email you a link to where you can pay $20 through PayPal. You can pay for future classes if you wish and I can hold your spot.
  3. I will email you a film or TV scene (remember, I need your email!) once Paypal confirms your fee. Usually over the weekend.
  4. Learn your scene!
  5. You don’t need to join Skype or anything, just make sure you have a working microphone on your computer and a camera that works.
  6. I will email you a link at about 6:20 on Monday evening. Just click on it and you will automatically join the workshop. No official sign up is necessary, but you may need to enter your guest name.
  7. Just like live classes, we will take turns performing the scenes and get feedback and redos if necessary… usually two people onscreen at a time with the rest of the class waiting “on deck” watching.

I appreciate your understanding and I thank you for your support. We’ll be back!!! And after this mess subsides, there will be a lot of pent up demand in the film and TV business. So let’s use this down time to improve our product.

Stay in touch and BE SAFE!

Marco Perella

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Current Workshop Themes

Lawyers, Guns, and Money
…so many films and TV shows feature plot lines with legal matters, police matters, criminal matters. There are always lots of roles available for lawyers, cops, detectives, hoodlums, killers, judges, prosecutors, prison guards etc. Do yourself a favor and develop your ability to play these kinds of roles. A number of parts are available in so many projects. Texas is about to get a lot more film and TV work: BE READY! THEY HAVE TO CAST MORE ROLES LOCALLY TO AVOID TOO MUCH TRAVEL!

Face Off
… there’s something about going eyeball to eyeball like gunfighters in the westerns of yore that hones your competitive fire and makes you strong. Don’t back down or you die (in the acting sense of course!) Remember…conflict is dramatic. So what do you go to the movies for?

Extreme Characters
…use your imagination to create interesting, weird characters. The kind that come to define the movie, whether bone chilling villains, femme fatales, wise-cracking best buddies or alien cyborgs. Playing these roles gives you a chance to stretch and find stuff down inside you that you can use to score big when opportunity knocks.

Attack of the Space Monkeys
…by midsummer we might all have gone a little crazy so why not celebrate with some outrageous and over the top comedy from “out of the known universe”. I promise you nothing but fun.